male support worker

Norfolk, Norwich

Start your day knowing youll make a difference:
   join our team of Support Workers in Potter Heigham and create a positive difference that improves life for the people we support.
The Dimensions team in Potter Heigham support three gentlemen in their own home.
They enjoy various activities including swimming, football, snooker, pool, watching TV, walking, shopping, going out for meals, day trips out, theatre and holidays. one gentleman has Autism and all three have learning disabilities.
Theres a separate bedroom for Support Workers who are required to stay overnight; and youll be part of a team that works flexibly on a rota.
The house has a large driveway, two of the gentleman have their own vehicles and there is plenty of space for the cars of staff on shift.
A valid driving licence is essential to enable community access and trips out.
All three gentlemen thrive in a calm atmosphere with lots of fun.
Gender is considered to be a genuine occupational requirement in accordance with paragraph 1 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010.
The Dimensions Approach to Support Our unique Activate approach puts decision making closer to the people we support.
It sets personalised and challenging goals with them, their families and you, their Support Worker:
   by teaching new skills and enabling people to try new experiences.
Research has proven that this progressive model is the best way to deliver measurable improvements in the quality of life for people:
   and you and your colleagues in their support teams.
It achieves an increase in active support and meaningful activity for people, a reduction in challenging behaviour:
   and an increase in your own satisfaction, with over 60 of Support Workers reporting that the Activate model has increased the quality of their working life.
Simply put, our Activate approach offers you a better working life, with the satisfaction that youve changed someones life for the better, in a role where you can be the best that you can be.
Sharing in our Values We pride ourselves on being a values based employer.
That means we believe passionately in:
   helping people be the best they can be by:
   Setting personalised and challenging goals.
Teaching new skills and encouraging new experiences.
   being brave enough to make a difference, by:
   Challenging what you feel is not in the best interest of the person you are supporting.
Championing what they want to achieve for themselves:
   and helping to make it happen.
Helping the people we support to explore new things:
   and supporting them to realise what they can achieve.
Giving confidence to people in reaching their goals and not being afraid of new challenges.
Inspiring innovation and supporting the courage to be creative.
   being honest and fair in all the things we do, by:
   Communicating clearly:
   adapting what you say and how you say it, so that its meaningful for the person youre supporting.
Exercising confidentiality when dealing with vulnerable adults:
   for example, when managing financial and personal details.
   working with other people to make a bigger difference, by:
   Understanding the varying needs and requirements of people with disabilities.
Developing positive working relationships with those involved in Dimensions:
   including those we support, their families and carers, your internal colleagues and external agencies.
Working as part of a team.
   treating everyone fairly and knowing that everyones voice is important, by:
   Sharing our commitment to Equal Opportunities for all.
Treating all people with dignity and respect.
Those are the qualities that youll need to join the team:
   theyre beliefs shared by everyone who works with us.
If you think this is the right role for you, come and make a difference to peoples lives, every working day Your rewards A full list of rewards can be found in the job description attached Apply now If bei